FUNDIZINC: Quienes somos

Parque Industrial "Cuarto de la Huerta"
Calle Reino Unido Nº4, 6 y 8
CP. 41220 - Burguillos (Sevilla)
Phone: 954 21 04 25
Fax: 954 21 03 17

Apartado de Correos 976
CP. 41080 - Sevilla, España

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FUNDIZINC S.L. since 1980 is a leading company in worldwide Zinc dealing and its derivatives.

Our products are submited to some rigorous quality controls that doing that they have a worldwide recognised prestige, thanks to supervision, controls and assays of the company S.G.S, Itīs a reputable and worldwide recognised organism.

The diversity of each one of companies who we maintain relationship with, provides us exacts knowledges of the market demand, itīs allowing us to keep a general vision of the same one, and worldwide exporting and importing .

Thanks to our extensive experience, we work with the best consignees, which guarantee an integral processing of the goods from its origin to the final destination of our customers, anywhere of the world.

We have available several logistics headquarters in Spain and Central America.

"We Buy: Zinc ashes, dross, scrap, etc."