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The Zinc alloys have been used for centuries. The main application of the same one near of the 50 % of the yearly consumption- is in the steel galvanized, to protect it from corrosion, efective protection even when is cracked the covering because the Zinc acts as a galvanic anode.

The Zinc is de 23th element most abundant of the terrestrial cortex, occupying the fourth position to production level of metal in the world after Iron, Aluminium and Copper.
Is estimated that near of a third of the consumed Zinc is recycled (Secondary). Using the Zinc for the revetment, like in all the processes, are produced secondary products, this in the case of the Zinc, reach more than half a million of Tons in Europe yearly.

It can to be recycled repeated times, and keep the physical and chemical characteristics.The Zinc recycling is impulsed for a prosperous market and diverse in the reuse both in building and pharmacist, feed , fertilizer, gum vulcanized, paint, chemicals, lubricant, batterys, golden extractive metallurgist, electrical appliances components, electronic equipment, toys etc..

Fundizinc is offering 25 years experience to its customers, Ashes and Zinc Dross.
The Exportation and Importation volume converts to FUNDIZINC S.L. in a leading company in the commercialization of Zinc secundary products in the world

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